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“After moving from Pittsburgh to the DMV area, ATS helped me to establish a new sense of community. Starting a new chapter of my life became infinitely easier with the support, guidance, and unyielding encouragement from my team members! Employee growth is just as important to this company as client growth and that attitude has been refreshing. It’s nice to know that, as I continue my journey to become a BCBA, the ATS team is in my corner. The work we do is gratifying and important, and ATS makes sure that I know and recognize my value too!”

~ Elizabeth Marquette, RBT

“When I think of Achieving True Self, I think of a home away from home, even if there isn't an actual home base. Since the beginning, I have felt myself growing, yearning to learn more and more about ABA. It's an insatiable thirst for knowledge and being able to impact as many families as possible.

As I've grown into the RBT I am today, I can't help but think how this wouldn't of been possible without the continuous encouragement, praise, and help of ATS as a whole. I've had wonderful support systems throughout my career here thus far and it hasn't just been my BCBAs. We're an entire family here and we even have our own social outlet online for us to continuously stay connected! ATS has a beautiful mission statement: People Matter. It's become my new life motto as well.

Joining this team of wonderful people who genuinely care about others has shown me that this is where I want to grow within the field of Behavior Analysis and is where I see myself achieving my TRUEST self." 

~ Jared Robinson, RBT

“As a Behavior Analyst, I really struggled to find my ‘tribe.’  I cherish people who think outside of the box, who truly individualize treatment for clients and who don't obsess over just ‘checking a box’ on assessments.  After coming to ATS, I knew immediately that I was home. I love working with a team who values people (both clients and staff) over anything else, who put 110% of their hearts into what they do and who live and breath a mission that serves to better our community through and through. As a BCBA, I love the support from the leadership team when navigating cases, the flexibility of my schedule, the resources provided that allow me to focus on my clients (and not too many administrative tasks/billing) and the unwavering support to always do what I believe is best for my clients. I can't imagine calling anywhere else home!”

~ Jessica VanDevander, BCBA

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