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If someone asked me upon graduating from undergrad, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"  I would've never said, "Working in ABA."  Why?  Because ABA was never part of my life plan.

After graduating in June 2016, I needed to get to work. There was only an ABA provider hiring in my immediate area. In the interview, I was upfront about my (lack of) experience and (lack of) knowledge regarding autism and the field of ABA. I got the job somehow and absolutely hated it for the first few months. But... eventually I stopped dreading going to work. I began to enjoy what I was doing. When it came to my annual review, they told me I was not getting guaranteed full-time status or an annual raise. That was devastating, but that indicated I had no future there...  I had no room to grow.

In the summer of 2017, after that review, I had the opportunity to move to Maryland. So I started putting in applications all over the DMV. One company that stood out was ATS.  I still remember the initial interview and the follow-up interview (Cathy Hughes and Brittany Mears!). It felt like I was just having a conversation with them. I wasn't as anxious as I was in other interviews, which I felt made all the difference.  A couple weeks later, I was officially an ATS employee!

Within the past 5+ years, the company has grown, as did I. I'm passionate about my work and absolutely love what I do. I've gotten to see the impact of the BCBAs' and my work with clients and their families. I've shared in the joy and excitement of the families as their child reaches their goals. No matter how small those goals may be, it is always worth celebrating.

Knowing I can do even more for clients as a BCBA drove me to get my masters in ABA. I plan to sit for the exam this summer. I'm looking forward to passing my exam and continuing to grow with ATS.

~ Tricia Bryan, RBT 
(As Tricia prefers not to share a personal headshot, her kitties (Arthur Morgan and Jade) graciously posed for a photo op, complete with ATS paraphenalia!)

This company has become a family to me. The staff are wonderful and full of so many different individuals. Achieving True Self is focused on helping each person to reach their highest potential. Achieving True Self goal is to improve your child's quality of life and teach new skills. I started my journey with ATS in November 2019 as an RBT. I am blessed to be part of this company that allows me to grow and help my clients  reach their highest potential. I am extremely excited for my new journey of continuing to study ABA in the future. I love working for this company. I can say that I love my job! "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

~ Eneida Shala, RBT 

My experience thus far with ATS has been one of positive growth. It’s a work culture that emphasizes happiness and the empowerment of employees. I’ve been able to progress in my experience as a Behavior Consultant with the comfort of knowing that I’m fully supported by my supervisors and coworkers. The interactions that I’ve had with people within ATS have been nothing short of kind, helpful and appreciative. I feel fortunate to have found my way to this organization and I believe that many of my coworkers would agree. There are many facets to ATS that impress me but most notably is the commitment to the families we serve. Whether it’s team engagement or engaging with the community, ATS has surpassed my expectations. Over the years, I’ve always felt grateful for the ability to provide assistance to students and their families and this same sentiment resonates within the organization from the top-down.

~ Cory Ferguson, Behavior Consultant

“I am absolutely grateful for being surrounded and mentored by wonderful and intelligent professionals at Achieving True Self, an amazing company where people matter! I love working for an agency whose leadership truly practices their mission and values for both their clients and their employees. It is truly refreshing to be working for a company where my hard work is recognized and appreciated. I’m so grateful to be part of an organization whose support inspires me to achieve my true self.

I believe ATS has not only exceeded my personal expectations but is also the right place for me to grow professionally. That’s simply because ATS is ahead of the game in ABA compared to other providers that I have known."

Because of all the encouragement and inspiration that I have received from this agency, I am now ready to start my new journey of pursuing more ABA coursework and continuing the legacy of this organization.” 

~ Tannaz Houshmand, RBT 

"I love ATS for many reasons but the main reason that comes to mind is . . . family! I’ve only been with the company for a little over two years, but I feel I’ve been apart of the ATS family forever. From day one, I had a sense of belonging. I felt I was home. 

ATS is focused on the growth of their clients as well as their staff and is willing to provide support and resources needed to reach our highest potential. I started as an RBT, and without the support, resources and encouragement from ATS, I wouldn’t be where I am today as a BCBA!

I’ve worked for multiple companies, but not a single one has compared to what I found at Achieving True Self and that’s why I wouldn’t have wanted to take this new journey in my career with any other company!“

Taylinn Morrison, BCBA (former RBT!)

“As a Behavior Analyst, I really struggled to find my ‘tribe.’  I cherish people who think outside of the box, who truly individualize treatment for clients and who don't obsess over just ‘checking a box’ on assessments.  After coming to ATS, I knew immediately that I was home. I love working with a team who values people (both clients and staff) over anything else, who put 110% of their hearts into what they do and who live and breath a mission that serves to better our community through and through. As a BCBA, I love the support from the leadership team when navigating cases, the flexibility of my schedule, the resources provided that allow me to focus on my clients (and not too many administrative tasks/billing) and the unwavering support to always do what I believe is best for my clients. I can't imagine calling anywhere else home!”

~ Jessica VanDevander, Clinical Director of ABA Services

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