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Our Commitment to Your Privacy

To effectively administer treatment, we must collect, use, and disclose nonpublic personal information. Nonpublic personal information is information related to an individual consumer and/or the consumer’s parent or guardian. This information could include the consumer’s name, name of the consumer’s parent or guardian, additional identifying information, insurance plan information used in billing for services provided, and other applicable service information that would be found in the consumer’s Electronic Health Records (EHR). Non-public personal information does not include publicly available information or statistical information that does not identify individual persons.

Information that ATS collects and maintains: Nonpublic personal information about our consumer and/or consumer’s parent(s) or guardian(s) is collected from the following sources:

  • We receive information from psychological evaluations performed by psychologists or psychiatrists, commercial insurance companies, state and county agencies, and other organizations who have direct involvement in treatment. This information may be submitted to us in person, in writing, by telephone, through a fax, or electronically.
  • We collect and use this information for developing treatment plans, providing services, performing consumer reviews, collections and billing, filing appeals and/or grievances, and any other service-related action. This information could include and is not limited to a diagnosis code, consumer and family histories, previous treatment information, identifying information and session notes, all according to the need.

Information that ATS may disclose and the purpose: We use and disclose the personal information we collect as described above only when pertinent and necessary for us to continue to deliver consumer services. Usage and such disclosure may include:

  • Development of treatment plans for each consumer with clearly defined goals and objectives.
  • Monitoring progress of treatment interventions in achieving the goals identified.
  • Providing personal information to a payor so that we can effectively provide services, and to effectively manage our revenue cycle. Our contracts require all organizations with which we interact to protect the confidentiality of any information used or shared.
  • Disclosing information to federal, state or county agencies or credentialing entities that monitor compliance with applicable laws and standards.
  • Disclosing information by order of a court in connection with a legal proceeding.
  • Disclosing information under a subpoena or summons to federal, state or county agencies that investigate possible legal violations.

How ATS protects information:

  • We restrict access to sensitive information to those employees, consultants, or other persons working within the boundaries of our organization.
  • We obtain signed Releases of Information (ROIs) when there is a clear and present need to transfer information to other organizations, such as another service provider involved with the care of the consumer.
  • We maintain physical and procedural safeguards that comply with all federal, state and county regulations to guard sensitive and personal information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure.
  • In order to access the medical record while receiving services at ATS, a request must be made in writing to ATS that includes the reason for the request, a summary of record date(s) requested, and an explanation of why protected content is being requested. A member of our team will collaborate with you as quickly as possible to ensure that we accommodate your request.

Telehealth Services: 

  • As we may deliver services through telehealth (audio and/or video) to you or your family during your time with Achieving True Self, it is important that we provide information that demonstrates how we offer quality care through this means.
  • At a minimum, it is important to participate in a telehealth session in a private location that prevents interruptions and/or distractions such as from children, other family members, or visitors in the household; pets; disruptive noise from appliances or machinery; and from other communication or bandwidth-reducing devices.
  • When telehealth services are being provided to you and/or your family, consideration will be given to how much caregiver involvement or assistance may be needed during the appointment for successful engagement.
  • Any barriers to successful participation in telehealth sessions can be discussed with your team at any time. 

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