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Intellectual Disability / Autism (ID/A) Waiver Services

What do you mean by “ID/A Waiver Services?”

In Pennsylvania, there are four waivers offered by the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) for people with autism and/or an intellectual disability or developmental disability: the Adult Autism Waiver, the Consolidated Waiver, the Person/Family Directed Support (P/FDS) Waiver, and the Community Living Waiver. These waivers are designed to help individuals live more independently in their homes and their communities. We are able to provide a variety of person-centered services promoting independence.

What waiver services do you offer?


  • Behavior Specialist -- adults only
  • Community Participation and Supports (CPS) -- adults only; connects an individual’s talents and interests with community opportunities through skill building supports! Currently community-based, but looking into a small center option
  • Supported Employment – adults only
  • Job Finding
  • Job Support
  • Career Assessment
  • Transportation – adults only; trip to/from a participant’s home, a waiver service, activity in the community or resource including to/from a competitive employment opportunity
  • Small Group Employment – adults only; support transition to competitive integrated employment (for example, mobile workforce) 
  • Speech and Language Therapy -- adults only
  • In Home and Community Support (IHCS): all ages; help to increase skills in homes and communities
  • Family/Caregiver Training and Support -- all ages; provide counseling or training with unpaid family members or caregivers to strengthen relationships, to support with developing expertise to help the individual increase skills, and to successfully return home and/or live in his/her own home


  • Speech and Language Therapy -- adults only
  • Specialized Skill Development
  • Behavioral Specialist Services (BSS) -- age 21 and older; prior would be through IBHS
  • Systematic Skill Building (SSB) -- age 21 and older; provides support to acquire independence skills and to become a more integral part of their community
  • Community Support -- age 21 and older; assist individuals in acquiring, retaining, and improving communication, socialization, self-direction, self-help, and other adaptive skills
  • Career Planning – adults only; develop a plan for competitive integrated employment at or above minimum wage
  • Supported Employment – adults only; can be direct or indirect for the benefit of the individual such as working with an employer to help resolve an issue  
  • Small Group Employment -- adults, support transition to competitive integrated employment (for example, mobile workforce) 
  • Transportation -- adults, by trip to/from a participant’s home, a waiver service, activity in the community or resource including to/from a competitive employment opportunity

Speaking of job support options, what employers do you currently work with?

Why, that's a great question. We are working with several local employers (some offer volunteer opportunities, too!) in Western PA, and our list is growing! They are:

Beatty Pointe Village
Beverly's Birthdays 
Brushes and Beans Cafe
Dick's Diner
Fayette Parts Service, Inc. / NAPA Warehouse / NAPA Genuine Paint Store
Giant Eagle
Hempfield Parks and Recreation
Idlewild Park
Norwin School District
Red Robin
Westmoreland County Food Bank
William Penn Care Center

How do I know if my loved one is eligible for waiver services?

For someone to be eligible for any of these waiver services, they must have:

  • IQ of 70 or below, or a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Medical evaluation (ex. MA51) recommending ICF/ID or ICF/ORC (Other Related Conditions)
  • Standardized assessment of adaptive functioning showing deficits in three or more areas
  • Testing / clinical judgement records or Standard Diagnostic Tool showing diagnosis of Intellectual Disability or Autism prior to age 22
  • There is no age limit for individuals with an intellectual disability or autism. Individuals with a developmental disability with a high probability of resulting in an intellectual disability or autism are eligible from age 0 through 8.

How do I get started?

Referrals for waiver services should come from a Supports Coordinator. To find a Supports Coordinator in your area if you do not already have one, click here

If you are a family making an inquiry or referral to ATS for our ID/A Services, click here.

If you are a Westmoreland County Supports Coordinator making a referral, click here.

Our Director of ID/A Services is Angel Schaer. She can be reached at, or 1-866-287-2036 x1137.

Angel Schaer, BS Angel Schaer, BS
Director of Intellectual Disabilities / Autism Services

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